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tv   Channel 2 News 630PM  CBS  January 18, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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e' is w pve hade eoplonout this un mo atainthnd oouer mnsntaith avat hree std tchesurvivedve seysral da t, ifhahey ve ivsurvkial slls." ci offiy als sahamay rad arnged r foiea frpind to hckim up r aftelahis unst r. en whdi he sdn'tuphow hi -- s ie frumnd asse ed hfootund anher de rie. hom s hi hfamilyn as beeinwaitg for kiany gond of s,od new ever si nce. hsgt."tunt ilhe famy is hitougt ng i iout.tht's soeir n. ey them're naotiod l ane we'r yi tro ng t tkeep sheirtspiri up at s thi."timepa huul "aynt siss thpr is lyobab lathe ifst latt th g mayn,ot o ur th nsday, ightusbecaeye thkn heow ter genical vy inite wher n hellormaisy skt , bul stilthat ldoes aeave o lotaif terrn toco iver., n facthothis we le sid t ofouhe mfrntain toom botm toto s p, ie wher'rtheyoke lo" unt. ht't "ikes liee a nindle ha a ckystape. eslycialn wheyou nhaveueo cl ws of hherente we." s hunteways crmos are stlyar seg chin aanrer a, neap the toof j mountwhudah, y'ere mas cellph pione ingedean the urrly hos t ofrche ovat's cp ered undany ki of hsgt."iunt prt's tettyghou. 's itot a l osnf utow ore the at thov's c ueredy p an okindf ue clats thno we lyrmalld wouha
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ew cre s arkion sd s anshsnowoes mb cothing une mo -taint - bust g ayin fawayearom ars that d coulighave hanh avalngche daerbe e causheof ten recort stms. y' malls coeseagusu at bogar wlsa 'sy itn beeuga row h fedaysan pld ems oyeee up herarat sug wl bo so reanrt, 'rd weste juy ver anthkfhaul te t thchsear and uerescm teautis ore theng doith ei ar bestrend we'in certaly fhoping bor theest." tethe arams are seg chinboth bo in aundsutnd obo of - unds - d ancioffisaals iey skndrs asn arowbo sdersalhould onso be lothe okout. " johnofa lot pl peoe e araware he of tti situa, on. soy'if thereup e herngskiiar sugl, bow rh pethaps e ey'rinkeepeig thr es ey e andopars anen. cly ues hwillelp." wh meaneaile, sanrch scd reue witeams onll ctithnue e atoper--ion f butowor hg lonis il stknl un cown.inovere g th ws ne. mein cri.. beat. ks spare polic mhave aan in y custodseaccu sd ofg tartina re fi a at anntpartmeig overnht. cepolie weredcall w outthith e sp farksdeire meparto nt ta fi rore a7-und as30 lght nit. fi the bre hadt een pufoout bere s crewd.arriveer offics thenun foped the horson w i livedn
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ma the tn leftpahe antrtme while w itllas sting smokian nod did ft callp.or helpo tlicerehen ar20sted, -year d oln tristarrdufu cena,g hargin wi him onth arsth in rse fit , degreeruobstg ctine a peacfi of acer,osnd pn sessiog of drupa erraphnalia. d an prenocholice twarged o ec suspusts accf ed ohicrasng a tocar ince a fende outsiel a hotin th nor rwesttheno oris m. ning fi of scersheay tpe susfacts iledto p stooffor rsficeer aft a fitrafolc vin atioy earlthis rn mo aing,hend tasn crtohed in mb an et ankmenthout cke ba end t ofpthe ham &on inns suiteat90 ba0 am dssadorn rive ireno. cepoli t say phreefleople ed the lscene.ffater oicers ehapprd enden a maa and enjuev wile,reho ah ma the ben has nten ided ifieas19 -o- yearn ld keot.taplet he s faceera numbch of s argecl indiuding ngsobeyifi an ofcer il whnge endaotering . hers..and indrivthg wia out nslicee. c inigampa16n 20ig ton. ht..ot anesher pralidentiul hopef
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i stop yn renordesteay. re anpublicda candilyte carfi heorina owld a tn hall meateting ak the lgeeridf golco . urse sp she r oke for an houa about ng ra te of..opics. and ur encoevaged ntoadans ou turn t fo r r hehein tcu cauneses xt h.montrl caniy fiorsia- prel dentia id candciate- " otizensdaf nevauc cah us witanme, stthd wi me, wifight mthote, vmee for , be cicause itizensimt is te, we mu akst tr e ourefutu ba weck, ta must pke ouricolits ou and rnr goveacment bk, zecitiitns, ti is weme, t mus ke ta c ourryountk. bac" alshe olso tr d hesurspporte to ld hocc her aleountaber for hac s.tion wi and adth nevuca's causesco p ming ut in jus mover aonth om fr.. nowse. pleawi stay thch 2 annel ornews fai "campgn16 20in" cont cuingagovere-ro thveugh nomber. ou if ya have erdaughtik who les r toonun lemanade str ds oisal omways c wing upw ith neideas e to a comny ed calll gir, madehebased re in no res - say tit hasfehe perct rtoppoy unityofor itur ltle epentrurrene. mpgirl e aire isaln annuwo
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rl giess ago 7 tur23 tein thr id ineas usto bseinesris - ght whnow e ilthe ey'rg younis : abellaon"you de 't havtoit waar to stbut a sssine or la aunchean idat. thyo if veu haa greallydereat id a ane'thers udan ae ienc mor at arkeitfor at thou y l canh aunc."that giwhrls teo athend tks worhop ge edt fe obackein thear idd s an en press tationenfrom m wtors -ho ru esn succussful bs inesset righhe nore in nrtherna evadthis 'syearf halcoday ennferilce wl h beateld h thendollact proje idin mn -tow -renopa a sce di ded cateouto yeong panple d th creir veeatire expnsssio. y ifikou'd l le to mearnore ou abr t theingupcomiam progrs e we'vligot a unk setr p foyou at tv kdon m.t co eyin mon.. watchpr. gas ices uecontinfa to n ll i anevadas th pre e ic oofroil d lpsower. ac incord gg toudas botdy dm. co a.. the pveragef rice ogu relelar un iadedvan neda is o twardoll42s and a cents ..gallon m. downanore then 7 cts wfrom ao.eek agna detionwive the arirage ps ce i
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0 llar 9lla gaa on- f drop oa di m me fro aa weekgo. ddgas bucty expeavs the e erag ic preee to kinp fallg... lypossibin reachowg as l as a ar dollga 70 a . llon anry: i' anm ryad cannday ain comg up e'next wl ll telhoyou w ni tomaght's utrtin lngher ki adinneratt the lantisle ce nbratesot a justat gre b mano ut alsblack cu alturalsswarener in oumm
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aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye, akto m me asmouch asney t oneop ceo. it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les. ll hiinary clllton wik worto thclose ge wageap. eql uay par fomewoton ai rse meincor s fomifa,lies a erhighim minagum we, lo xewer taths for lee middas cls. ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us
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to thnight rte no nhernevada ac blurk cultwaal assreneci so hety is toldingh he 28tnu an mal dr.luartin inther kg . jraybirthdeb celonratie at th isatlant. at thig's rndht as that'where cryanayanadns joili us itve wh etmore dboails aigut tonht'snn dianer. rys what'g goin reon the? ll wedo lant n se iupils stl rw unde way bute e aringettg os clore.. do as open at 6:15nd e therdinnrt sta 7s atrl. eaier o we alschhad a tanceeao spk wi kth the seynote fpeakeror ni tos ght't,evennd a t sheold uswh e y shevbeliares mlutin ther ng kiio junisr day im so t.portaner chlsyl wil s-guest-"peakeron ng kie day wedall neke to ta a
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sc ditiriminaevon in rmery fo no ma f tter i ayou'ren persoofaf caricen delant, dtinot,ecenif pe you spaak s, nishif yousp eneak h,glisri ameasca h ysalwaco welpemed wopleopith en ms ar." r earlietowiday alls-orn auth neand a hows ancewr in n rk yoy- citesaddrhesed agr messe lk of mn day ioffront wd a croof s kid bat ad oys anclgirls ub r inndeno. aht tonigl she'ldo sathe bme..nsut i..tead in fr ofont dr hunwheds rio stveto etward b bteringullack cl turaaw esarenurs in o area. wcherylueills-gstsp "peaker-wheople o havein avestedf lot o itimethnto e af amrican cericantyommuni and ttrying uo liftdrp chilen whoma ayy or mav not he had op itportunmeies coir the." way s ticketilare stlal avaifoble r to t'nighnns dinder a b cane pu d rchase dfor 65rsollah. eac ca you an findto link t buyhem on y line bngvisitieb our wsite
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ewblue n bslinksutton.oc prroeeds fghm tonient's evt ne beutfit yorah progms andcu elturalprvents edovidth by e nn hrbcas tououghe t thyear. ri coveheng try stoat live the la at, ntisanryan chaaday cnnelo twnews an lod a ft ofpeolks snt y.todarv..seoting . hersma lrtinr uthe jkingy r dahas abecomeio natdanal ery of svice thto oers. d anrehundurds touned tt athe od fok banorof nn therdaneva to uthelp o. jo lacelyn p:ntri k' weatnow th lifamie es lovngto bri theirki utds oan here h d teacthemw hoe to givndback a getin edvolve in thitcommuny and th cce suofess se thent eves al reholy shaws tt." c this srowdd orteckand paedmo hare thon 30-tusand po f unds oucproddae toy. toand voday eelunt wrsh itthe crred caoss senvasd hbneigodorhod s anstinal ling ok smare alms. za "wnny: ae do 3inlarms h to eacun wit andcte expet to geto aco hupleedundr homes y.toda" pthis wroject oill gougn throh th mme but thffkick o iss alwayjuin con wnctionith lmartinkiuther dng jr.nday...a hein tri spielt of hutping oig
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yaanks rn. y todanothe res -sparkr chapteof n the adoubleco c-p- atmmemoreddr 's. kingac legthy wi thenu anaval caran. ca the ofravan dr cars omove fr un the iaitarivn unliersast owfell cshiph hurcheup tet strch i of n-580 famedr.or dn marti erluthg kinorjunis thiinmorng. niorga szerst'ay ipos imt rtanfo unr yoopg peo le tmbremeiser h cylega k andfieep ngghti for vi citsl righ. icpatralia grelimosi/pre, dent -srenos parkp:naac y "51goears a ri af acan-nsmericave receid the vi cighl riilts bhel, tas law wpa anssed, avd we hake to mree su at th y our uouthstnderanand d hikeep te,s alivee kvip cil ri aghtslindve ae mak tsurehey un tadershand tist thju is otst na n.give" wthisheas th 18t tyearheca n ravacohas emmmedorat cithe l vighri ltsdeear. mi wkel ilveha l aooatk r you fo
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ou if ydo're eving hierythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
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we balcome inck, e conzone t tonigh dnevadaenepartmt of rttranpohaation ps somes roject enhappising th yo 'su whatng goibe on oufore yhe fad outr or youngmorini ut commrre tomo ow. uneastborod 80 ftom boomo wn t l,mogul wilucbe redo ed tone la omne tw.orro trconsonuctire thein beg 7s at m a-esand go30 to 3-. p-m..withee spucds red55ed to p mileserur hodo. n-yst saoa the rdwork wi onll go t untilkehe weend, wi and k ll picinup agay monda h througidfr oaynef xtee wk. e ther awillbelso st conioructn e onouastb0 nd 8 dfrom derbyamto sw wad. orth neone labe will d closethere th wis speedd reduceto inat begeds on w fnesdayrom 30 7-o a-m t p2-30. -m..ending hu on trsday. ou if yute comms e takeyou th
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urbe s ge tourive yoself ali orttle m ie timemon the rning. e thaloverm l storn patterre qumains tiite acthve, wi the ovnext mroing the ugh thregion tonsdue aay tndexhe nrit arving ri on fheday. trmse stoms syste e will bbia ert warmn thamanyth e at w shavesoeen t farhis . season ebyuearly tsdayrn moheing, t o onsetstf the orm d willrarop elin b00ow 5,5', but e thosevsnow lllels wiy likelse riou to ab0't 6,50 e . thaswinds edsociatth with isst llorm wiqu be stite rong, in gust hg asasigh h 50 mpin the rowind-palne vloley s,cation andpp to0 ing 10onmph the opridgetnds, ad winriadvisoes b havesteen poored fte wesrn va nendda aie the secrra. bause heof tg stron twinds,ilhere wl be de consirarable doin shawing inoccurrrag, so ainfalltsmoun he in ty vallee will bd,limite lland wip droveoff ckry quily gas you fo easte rom thun mos.tain w there aill be bit reof a bneak wedndsday aur thitsday w th mildtuemperares
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0' 6,50th . s e windatassocih ed witthis wistorm e ll be quit, strong in gust hg asasigh h 50 mpin thend wine-prole valtiy locandons, ato 10pping h 0 mpheon tdg ri aetops,innd wd riadvisoe es havosbeen pr ted fost wevaern ne tda andiehe srra. ca beofuse s thewitrong nds, e there will berconsidaiable rn ow shadcuing oc srring,fao rainll s amount vin thewialley ll be telimindd, adr will vop offery kl quicouy as yst go eath from e un mo ttains.ilhere w bl be aitof ak a bresd wednenday a aythursdh wit tmildtuemperares tbeforeexhe nort stvem arris, in br gging aanood chrace of inic wht h migho turn t fsnowy rida
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ll da"sas: ofome y our aoungrea ba pseball glayerso ot ttake t someomips fres the b tt inhe nebusiodss ti'ay. llm daas
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liis chren jimmiez, coinng up h"nows ere'tssporec dirtor ga t rretbodearitrn wanh ch2 nel or spts." th loey're odcal prhaucts tt
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ba hball's grday a foup ofr ormeand en currbat pro yell pla ors putn tta hiining cl kic forids,da cllasnyolod t was. here owfollleing y ngthesprofalsionba cseballr'areecas lol tsproduc s chrillaguid a aneldarrne rasr be thgan vae neasda bl ebal ct faa ory mofew anths. go..and wi e th somrohelp fm he otl r loca apastndse prent ba llsebars stae havedturn it to inra a tining lifacio ty tgiveba o ck tg youn pballrslaye. " i itths someating than we std byou odr pr buct,t ut asathe meti arme d hrellwoas ts kidhein tco itmmuny,av i ho e twkids mm coy unitweand e takt a loofpr thide heat tct produar we e g goinivto del ter andhihe tngs re we ang goido to l wilthuse e ne bvadaalasebctl faasory a at pl. form" "h y onestlheis tle coohist tng ouwe cskld a. forouthe amnt of leknowwedge he have re eccolllytivehe togetr isso g methin wthat bouldame a she no gt tockive bae to th un commity." "t what ishihy i tarnk we e tuniqueo th..e areall. we a ve haal locs tiealand vel ha had ty pretss succe cfullrsaree."
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itimee n thlebig saagues eyy th ve haes ms segethey nt waid the kaks to t."e away a"beingivggressofe, to weten so see ki many hads te t ar e passiveyand thnd try a walk th esemselve to thlebig s aguean atd ths iryved harweto do ke lise to dse kiag be sigresve.""w e e arfrall e om herand wekn t ow whaesit takt to geofout hendre a t gete o thagbig leues haand ucve s acessavnd hing co ennfids ce imathe hiin tng at thll got a o tf us."here"y m ea i alyrealit excseed to e ho sw myhakills rove impved lasince sost sea"in." oit is gng e to blyreall cood anami going rnto lea t a lot to makeh he hig tschool seam" "altastics ly thiis ty a nasth game aere is lot luof faindre.. aca that n beve etry dntrimeseal to i think gge bithest ing isda anrrell d d i haofa lot il fainure c ourr areebut avit g te uspphe oniortuo ty tbe
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fo iniormat tn onevhe nada seballbaac fto yryanou c visit weour e bsittvat km n.coe wherweha lve aseink ft upouor y. da cllasnyolodnn cha sel 2s.port wothe aclf pskk balletbam teais t ataihe td l en iofts nf coer asck h d haw a fe tdayst o puoithat bse e stat ilosse n th vrearaniew d seget r t foinwyomg. t at'sodayil availaby ite thysguta
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en beth on ste la d feways. i mike ws herefiith a ecnal chk aongevera t, it takes hreendhuamred aneric srkwofoing a r d soliarye, akto m me asmouch asney t oneop ceo. it le's cald wathe apge g. th and ble repuwiicans akll mite rswobye lerowg inxetafos r osth te atophe t l andngetti rpcoatornsiori wte ei thrur own les. ll hiinary clllton wik worto thclose ge wageap. eql uay par fomewoton ai rse meincor s fomifa,lies a erhighim minagum we,
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ll she' t getobhe jfo done .r us i' arm hilliny cld ton an iape prov mthisgeessa. t >>tho win moe big onney ou , r showt you gosmto be art, go you avt to h ie goodtsnstinc, yo and tu have fo beesearls. anoh, wd itn'ouldt hurtto st have n epheinhawkg r as youneplus o. th s is i w"whoants e to blla miirionae."
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an thu.k yo he ello,boverydy. i'rim chrrs ha.ison we e lcomheto tw. sho e arguyou eays ro dy tplay ho "wts wanbe to il a mailionre"? he [caners pld ap]ause od go. so ' lets go. r out firsesconttant is ri weaerng hky lucr pai of ak snetoers day. , goodusbeca'e wereut abo to gi erve hun a r h foroner mey. sfromn tatendislaw , ne,york sepleaco welegme milan wsoliamn. s [cheerpland ap]ause , hin.mega h >>chey, hris.reow a? you g >> nood.toice t meeyou. >> e niceeto mu t yoelas wl. >> co welo me tshthe ow. t >> yhankou. he>> tky lucak snes. >> ky lucak sneers, ck lueay sn.kers ou>> ym see ylikeou ha d em'le a whi. h>> iave. w >> tell,wohey 'uldnt ucbe lky y ifidou dn't. y >> ieah,n, mea io had ttest utthem oak and mree su ey thlu were cky. >>t whas makethem ur yoky lucak sneers? o >> s'they breot lh myucky sn rseakewe as s-ll ay -thesort of p keeromy gd.unde iwhen'alm retrly sd esseout,i hewear tm tr in s sessfulonituatis-- nd>> ay theoukeep y on trohe gund. he>> ttey liy-raller-litally ke e ep mheon tun grod. d >>on'tet erll hut abovi graty. [ >>hslaug] >> t shes hinkit'hes oer shs. >> i' wvethorn lem anot i lyrealh- higssstreua sits,tion rdstandaesized tts i'akve ten my e wholanlife, knd you ow.
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